SpiritWind and Dr. John Bosman relies on the faithful financial support of individuals and organizations just like you. Please continue to support our efforts financially by using the "Donate" button above. 
Dr. John Bosman and the SpiritWind Team are going to South Africa...
...and we invite you to partner with us!

We are going to South Africa for the first time since 2019. We will be in South Africa October 11-27, 2022 hosting Leadership Development Conferences and Humanitarian Outreaches. This is a great opportunity for you to partner with us to impact the country of South Africa. Click the "
Donate" button above or scan the QR code to the right to contribute through our secured PayPal portal.

*If you are supporting Andrew Bosman's fundraising for this trip, please select "Andrew Bosman's Fundraising - 2022 Missions Trip" from the "Use this donation for" drop-down menu.
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You've read the Care Revolution Text Book, which describes WHY we need a new paradigm for Pastoral Care (see below). Now... read the book describing the HOW... Care Revolution: The Handbook  for Pastors and Leaders. This NEW book provides step-by-step instructions "for Implementing an Effective Care Ministry!"

Also available... Care RevolutionThe Handbook for Participants. This book is for church members who will serve in the care ministry network

Learn more on our dedicated Care Ministry website... click here 

The Care Revolution book,

by Dr. John W. Bosman.

Learn more on our dedicated Care Ministry website... click here